Blood Fire Chaos Death

by Nuclear Death Terror

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Recorded @ Studio246, Osaka, January 2011.
Mastered by Jack Control.
Artwork by Jeremy 'Hush' Clark.


released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Nuclear Death Terror Melbourne, Australia


Formed 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Toured worldwide 2005- 2010. Relocated to Melbourne, Australia 2011 following 'Total Nuclear Annihilation' Aus/Jap/SE Asia tour.


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Track Name: Crisis
Night descends on nations draped in shadow
Midnight strikes as jackals sharpen knives
Rising tide of global decimation
Ruthless malefaction, world desecration

Final crisis

One by one the powers fall in darkness
Panic spreads in an epidemic of terror
Empty measures plummet into turmoil
Shreds of order fragment into chaos

Streets run red With the blood of innocents
The forces of order Crushed to oblivion
Tooth and nail…Knife and gun
The fight for survival In a war of all versus all
Track Name: Collapse
Those who once were held as Gods
Consent to tear the world apart
Atomic vengeance splits the oceans
Desert silos vomit death

Nuclear perdition
Nuclear death

Reaping hell from seeds of chaos
Blackened skies rain liquid fire
Countless millions flee the cities
Blinding light turns living flesh to faded shadow

Blood – Fire - Chaos - Death

Horizon glows with distant fire
Devastation prevails
Final sightless hulking terror
No escape...there’s no escape
Track Name: Descent
As we descend...
A new dark world of savage night
All is bleak - all is death
Choked with ash, light exists no more
All is cold - all is dark

Chaos reigns
Icebound death

Holocaust just a memory
All is bleak - all is death
Primitive future devours
All is cold - all is dark

Chaos reigns

We descend - eternal darkness
Life in hell follows the end
All transcends the outer limits
Sanity exists no more
In the abyss
Track Name: Abyss
As fire burns to ash
As life fades in death
The last survivors
Suffer bestial decline
Warlords and tyrants
Struggle for control of this

Cold dead earth
Life in death

As decades pass all that remains
Unwritten histories decay
To myth and legend
The end forgotten
All fades to dust