Ceaseless Desolation

by Nuclear Death Terror

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released June 6, 2008



all rights reserved


Nuclear Death Terror Melbourne, Australia


Formed 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Toured worldwide 2005- 2010. Relocated to Melbourne, Australia 2011 following 'Total Nuclear Annihilation' Aus/Jap/SE Asia tour.


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Track Name: World Enslaved
Centuries of greed in millennia of slaughter.
Darkness enshrined in scriptures writ of blood.

Life in agony, death in fear.

A throne of human teeth on a monolith of bone.
Empires built of death rule desecrated lives.

As the world drowns in blood,
In endless human misery and pain,
Perpetual darkness reigns.
Track Name: Chaotic Alliance
Organised resistance to insidious infection,
Consentient reaction to advocates of state control.
Unceasing vigilance towards corporate injustice,
Subvert the existence of order wrought from chaos.

Constant insurrection versus systemised oppression,
Instinctual rejection of order imposed.
Unified denial of constraints upon freedom,
Oppression eroded through conscious acceptance of chaos.

Organised resistance to insidious infection,
Autonomous denial of authoritarian rule.
Militant reaction to right-wing confrontation,
Gradual erosion of state control.
Track Name: The Darkest Age
Endless wasteland of carrion and death.
Ceaseless desolation, legacy of ash.
Armageddon reigns on a world consumed by fire.
Skeletal remains of a decimated race.

The darkest age.
The darkest age prevails.

Chemical horizon, a barren world of hell.
Contaminated air burns mutilated flesh.
Pestilence and famine, perennial decay.
Withered life declines, as new dark gods ascend.

Primal darkness in conflict eternal.
All life fades in bestial decay.
Infinite Winter of bloodthirst and slaughter.
A devastated Earth. Ever-lasting warfare.

Feral tribes of blood wage grim eternal war.
Sacrificial cults harvest living human meat.
Track Name: Morbid Tales
(Celtic Frost cover)