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released May 5, 2005



all rights reserved


Nuclear Death Terror Melbourne, Australia


Formed 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Toured worldwide 2005- 2010. Relocated to Melbourne, Australia 2011 following 'Total Nuclear Annihilation' Aus/Jap/SE Asia tour.


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Track Name: Cities To Dust
Sound of warplane's drone grows closer,
Thousands of eyes turn to the skies.
Air-raid siren screams final warning,
Panic and chaos as thousands flee.

Cities to dust, cities to dust,
Blast-wave levels cities to dust.

A moment of silence, a deafening roar,
Blinding flash of pain scars the eyes.
A living corpse clutches her child,
Torn flesh hanging from still living bones.

Cities to dust, cities to dust,
Blast-wave levels cities to dust.

Ceaseless screams, ceaseless pain.
Thousands of lives consumed in an instant.
Witness a vision of hell on earth.
Ceaseless screams, ceaseless pain.
Track Name: Nightmare Reality / System Control
Screaming to wake from this nightmare repeating,
Atrocity screaming hate through my guts.
Let me wake...let me wake.

Twilight world of blackened despair,
Hopeless unending theatre of pain.
Let me wake...let me wake.

Nightmare - reality,
Nightmare - reality,
Nightmare - life.
Nightmare unending.

Illusion of order comforts disquiet,
Guiltless existence built on sedation.
Let me wake...let me wake.


Existence creates dependence, reliance,
Lack of resistance furthers control.

Under control.
System control.

Continued acceptance of atrocious injustice,
Human compassion in essence erodes.

Life in acceptance,
Head bowed in silence.
Under control, system control.
Track Name: Lost
As we forsake the life of our planet,
To the convenience of a failed civilization,
So shall we fall – forsaken.

As we have lost the essence of life,
To an excess of gluttonous waste.
Now we struggle and fail to craft
Meaning from meaningless lives.
This, this is our fate,
Now to perish – lost.

As we consume shall we be consumed,
As we destroy be destroyed.
From the lack of compassion with which we have lived,
Grows the teeth which devour as we die.
A conscience perverted to disregard sense,
Replaced with false morality,
The blackened soil of this blackened earth
Now mirrors our blackened souls.
Track Name: Police Funeral
Idiot pig with boundless authority,
Smirking arrogant piece of shit.

Piss on your grave,
I''ll piss on your grave.

Meat-head cop beats homeless drunk,
Meat-head cop beats immigrant child.

Government sponsored death-squad fuckers.
Inhumane slaves of those who rule.
Silence your voice blindly follow their orders.
Sold your humanity for power, control.

Nightstick and gun silence disquiet,
Social dissent is punished with violence.
Track Name: Life of Pain
Portrayed as an object,
Used just the same.
Trust is destroyed,
Replaced with fear and pain.

From one day comes a life of pain.

Sickening impulse,
Selfish desire for power, control.
Guilt of social pressure,
Demands a subservient role.
Track Name: Necropolis
Palette of neon on a canvas of grey,
Shroud of light illuminates sky.
Rivers of piss, oil and filth choke the gutter,
Shells of human souls choke the streets.

Citadel of glass and steel,
Prison of human emotion.

Jagged gravestones tear through skies,
Monument to the reign of mankind.
Gilded towers cast their shadow,
on a landscape of arid concrete waste.

Devour the mind.
Embrace the void.
Consuming light.
Track Name: The Final Harvest
Glaciers move silently on.
Tides still change,
The oceans still heave.
Blackened earth now painted red,
As the last soldier falls.
And the reaper, the reaper he claims…
His final harvest.

Crumbling ruins.
Beneath whispering clouds.
Our rotting flesh,
Shall nourish the soil.

As the last light fades,
And the last human leech
Takes their final choking breath,
The years still pass.
And the earth, the earth she reclaims
The hideous wounds we have opened.

The wolves they feast on the fallen.
Desolate winter fades now to spring.
Summers glory to autumns plenty.
Stars still glisten on evening''s horizon.
Our time is over, the balance returns.

And the world still turns.