Nuclear Death Terror

by Nuclear Death Terror

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released June 6, 2006


all rights reserved



Nuclear Death Terror Melbourne, Australia


Formed 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Toured worldwide 2005- 2010. Relocated to Melbourne, Australia 2011 following 'Total Nuclear Annihilation' Aus/Jap/SE Asia tour.


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Track Name: N.D.T.
Last shreds of flesh consumed by fire,
Human scum now feed global pyre.
Poisonous sea drowns now our pain,
Billions perish in nuclear rain.

A planet dies as millions starve,
It doesn't have to be this way.
A ravaged world bears our scars,
It doesn't have to be this way.

Coveted earth burns now to ash,
Valleys of dust in deserts of glass.
Legions of fear purge cities of dread,
All shall suffer now in the end.
Track Name: Architects of Genocide
Freezing kid with hopeless eyes starves on the streets.
Single mother can't take the pressure, opens a vein.

And still they spend their money on fucking guns.

A father steals to feed his family, ends up in jail.
Young girl sells her body to live, injects her own death.

And still they spend their money on fucking bombs.
And still they spend their money on fucking wars.

World of needless pain and despair.
Lives of miserable discontent.
Existence defined by the rule of economy.
Millions starved by the privileged few.
Track Name: Police Funeral
Idiot pig with boundless authority,
Smirking arrogant piece of shit.

Piss on your grave,
I'll piss on your grave.

Meathead cop beats homeless drunk,
Meathead cop beats immigrant child.

Government sponsored deathsquad fuckers.
Inhumane slaves of those who rule.
Silence your voice blindly follow their orders.
Sold your humanity for power, control.

Nightstick and gun silence disquiet,
Social dissent is punished with violence.
Track Name: A Storm of Lies
Endless campaign of terror prevails,
Consolidate fear to bury the truth.

Reign of Greed,
Veil of Hate,
Tide of Fear,
Storm of Lies.

Perpetual misinformation denies,
Any attempt towards an unbiased view.
Track Name: In the Shadow of the Gallows
Fighting for the right to exist,
Conscious existence shall thrive.

Never to lead.
Never to follow.

Refusal to bow to our knees,
In opposition together we rise.
Track Name: At the Altars of the Gods / Nightmare Reality
Every day a slave to your childish fucking faith.
Begging for a scrap from the table of the gods.

Barely alive...waiting to die.

Blinded from a godless world of hate by heaven's glories.
Never had the courage to refuse the shining lie.

Barely alive...waiting to die...on your knees.
On your fucking knees.

Barely alive...waiting to die...wasting your life.
On your fucking knees.


Screaming to wake from this nightmare repeating
Atrocity screaming hate through my guts
Let me wake, let me wake

Twilight world of blackened despair
Hopeless unending theatre of pain
Let me wake, let me wake

CH: Nightmare - reality
Nightmare - reality
Nightmare - reality
Life - nightmare unending

Illusion of order comforts disquiet
Guiltless existence built on sedation
Let me wake, let me wake
Track Name: Black Uniforms
Parasitic scum feed like maggots on our flesh,
Break the chain learn to think for yourself.

Bastard fucking coward in a uniform lies,
Preaching bullshit freedom as you bleed the anger dry.

Live for yourself,
Think for yourself.

Claiming opposition to the system you reflect,
Parasitic fools play politicians games.

Fucking leech, I'll piss on your grave.
Corrupted the anger, co-opted the rage.
Polluted minds with self-righteous hate.
You stupid fucker.
Track Name: The Suspension of Disbelief
Eyes closed shut to ceaseless pain
Lives mean nothing, dying in vain
You live your life without a care
millions of others rot in despair

Can't you see?
Tell me, can't you see the horror?

Passive compliance with no regret
you never fucking gave a shit
It's you whose name bears these crimes
blackened heart, sightless eyes

Can't you see?
Tell me, can't you see the horror?

This world of shit shall devour every last human soul

Can't you see?
Tell me, can't you see the horror?

Don't you feel anything?
Track Name: Inferno
(Disaster cover)

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