Total Annihilation

by Nuclear Death Terror

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released June 6, 2009



all rights reserved


Nuclear Death Terror Melbourne, Australia


Formed 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Toured worldwide 2005- 2010. Relocated to Melbourne, Australia 2011 following 'Total Nuclear Annihilation' Aus/Jap/SE Asia tour.


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Track Name: Total Annihilation
Drink to forget, inject to negate,
Twilight existence is all that remains.
Refuge in dust, beneath the abyss,
Wretched undeath consumes who you once were.

Waste of life.
Waste your life.

Regress to nothing, embracing defeat,
Bleeding your hate into wretched disease.
Cease to exist in desire to escape,
All that was self dissolves to the void.

Utter desolation,
Unrelenting bleakness of the soul.
Total vicious annihilation.
Dissolution of all you once were.
Track Name: Mind Chain
Living a life of captive consent,
Believing the shit they put in your head.
Worshiping gods of power and greed,
It’s you who holds your own fucking leash.

Fucked-up culture of meaningless shit,
Manufactured swallowed deceit.
All means less than nothing to me.
Nothing to me.

Never bow down to this culture of nothing,
Culture of nothing but lies.
Living a futile crippled existence,
Life on your knees till you die.

Sever the chain from your mind.

Are you content to suffer in silence,
Suffer in silence, barely alive?
Living a coward’s spineless existence,
Sever the chain from your mind.
Track Name: Devolve To Submission
Seek refuge in constant depravity,
Wallow in chaos, deny your humanity,
Disdain confrontation, glorify apathy.
Corrosion of self, your desolate legacy.

Nihilist regression to misanthropic hate.
Your cowardice and fear breeds only self-defeat.

Worthless cynical slave to conformity.
A hollow shell, a pathetic effigy.
Rot in despair, your life a parody.
Reflection inverted to cynical irony.

Narcotic stupor.
Consensual demise.
Primitive regression.
To a desolated mind.